Criminal Case Hack

Hello and welcome to my website. I am offering a sophisticated program which allows you to hack coins, cash and energy in Criminal Case. And I've used the simplest name possible, "Criminal Case Hack".
I've been working on this program for months and now it has finally arrived! People who have stepped on this website looking to cheat Criminal Case should deem themselves lucky, because this piece of software is legendary!.
So in the next paragraph, I am going to explain how this cheat works.

By detecting and changing the memory address of the selected values while the game is running, it is able to achieve it's purpose, hacking Criminal Case, that is, and with 100% safety, as this method is highly efficient and undetectable. Since it can detect them intelligently even after the game has been updated, Criminal Case hack does not require any updates and will keep working forever.

It is coded in the C++ language with some ASM methods and a Delphi shell. Some AutoIT scripts are used for the browser detection.Therefore, it works with almost any Windows operating system. Linux functionality has not been tested, but I am pretty sure that you'll be able to use my program with Wine.

Here are some screenshots, which showcase the user interface, which is very easy to use. This makes cheating Criminal Case a breeze!

1. Download our Criminal Case hack from this website ONLY, if you see it on any other website it is fake and most likely infected.
2. Select the browser which you are currently running CC on. For Microsoft Edge, select "Internet Explorer".
3. Click connect.
4. The program will perform some checks to its files, cheating criminal case will be impossible if one of the files are missing. After it's done, enter how many coins, cash and energy you want.
5. Click start and wait.


Who am I?
I am a highly skilled individual programmer with extensive knowledge in pentesting, I create free hacks for games which I like to play in my free time, and I love helping people who are frustrated with games's pay-to-win systems such as this one.

Does this program really work?
I say, and I can guarantee you that it works. There is no reason for me to go through the trouble of creating a page like this and share a 'fake' criminal case cheat for no reason.

My antivirus detected it as a virus!! What's the meaning of this?
It certainly is suspicious for a program to try and hack into the memory address values of browser games, which is why antiviruses may warn you or block the file. However I assure you that the warning can be disregarded and you can safely disable your antivirus temporarily.

What makes this different from similar programs that claim to be able to hack Criminal Case?
The only difference is that this one actually works. I have seen many people get infected by downloading programs that can supposedly cheat games, because they often are fake and have viruses in the executable. That's not the case with my Criminal Case hack (See what I did there?).

What do the abbreviations mean?
CC: Criminal Case
Pentesting: Penetration testing
ASM: Assembly

What is Criminal Case?
Click here to learn everything about it: